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The Social Acceleration Theory

social-acceleration-theory-of-modernityThe main subject of our seminar “Managing the fast technological change, for all educators” is the speed by which the technology develops. Referring to technology we refer of course to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which has given us so many and so impressive possibilities that we have to stop to think about them. Exactly due to the speed of change we do not have the time to reflect on the use of technology. New hardware, software and ideas come in such a high rhythm that reflecting on their use is kind of a luxury today.

Using ICT in education has to take into account that the accelerated technology does not only affect the school but the society as a whole. Thus it is of vital importance to see the changes of ICT in the broader context where the school functions.

In order to better understand these phenomena I have used the Social Acceleration theory of prof. Hartmut Rosa which provides for a suitable framework into which to explore what happens in the modern and postmodern world. This theory may not be the absolute tool to understand our situation but working with it during the last three years I have really gained many insights into the complex world of contemporary education which I would like to share with you. More to come…

Εξερεύνηση: A process to find the knowledge

A few words on the name of this blog. Exerevnisi is the Greek word for exploration. Exploration in older times was synonymous to sailing to unknown places; today it remains so, only it is done through navigation from our office; hence the title and the image. In all cases, exploration is the main process for encountering the knowledge. Enjoy!


Welcome to my blog!

This blog is created as a personal space to express my thoughts on all things technology but especially on the subject of ICT in education. The blog will, in a second role, be a kind of support for the courses that I provide to teachers under the ERASMUS+ program.

Being an ICT educator for 25 years, the everyday contact with the problems of technology regarding its use by adults has given me many opportunities to reflect; reflect on what is our purpose after all when we say that we use ICT. Too much food for thought actually as technology is a very vivid phenomenon; it is changing all the time; it is running fast; it is in fact accelerating! OK, so let’s try to follow the hard rhythms but differently: not by running but rather by thinking. This is actually my suggestion to you as a modern teacher: Stop running; Start thinking!

Welcome on board!